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Health Care Unpleasant Smell ‘Down There’



An unpleasant smell seeping from the vagina and vulva is often the result of excessive sweating of that part of the body. So, less-than-pleasant smells and sweat are closely connected and are part of the same problem. A woman’s vagina has a unique odor, which is completely normal. It can change during her menstrual cycle from being barely noticeable to a strong odor. This is a completely normal and acceptable phenomenon, but if the odor becomes extremely unpleasant and barely tolerable, it’s best that you see your gynecologist to find the reasons for such a change.

What causes an unpleasant smell from your vagina?
An unpleasant smell seeping from your vagina is usually caused by the excessive presence of bacteria that aren’t normally present in your vagina. The condition is called bacterial vaginosis and it produces a foul, fish-like odor. This musty odor is also produced by an infection with the Trichomonas vaginalis parasite, which is harmless as well and can be cured with a suitable treatment determined by your gynecologist. Some women notice an unpleasant smell from their vagina after sexual intercourse in which the semen has been ejaculated directly in the vagina. As already mentioned, of course, an unpleasant smell can also be caused by excessive sweating as a result of wearing clothes made of inappropriate material. This refers to any kind of synthetic underwear, certain sports clothes and stockings. A damp and sweaty environment is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria that cause an unpleasant smell.

What can you do yourself to prevent an unpleasant smell?
An examination by your gynecologist will show whether the cause of your unpleasant smell is any of the above-described bacterial infections. Given the cause, your gynecologist will give you a suitable treatment to eliminate the unpleasant smell from your vagina. Before you undergo an examination, you can take a few simple and uncomplicated steps to improve your vaginal odor and prevent the excessive growth of bacteria. The following can do wonders for your vagina:
- to wash your private parts, use unscented soap with the pH value that suits your vagina or vulva;
- if possible, wear cotton underwear (which can still be very sexy!) and sports clothes that “breathe”, meaning that they’re made of cotton or other natural material;
- sleep in loose fitting clothes made of natural material and avoid tight fitting, synthetic pajamas and underwear;
- don’t douche; do it only if recommended and advised by your gynecologist, otherwise you can destroy the natural balance in your vagina.

How to prevent excessive sweating?
One of the effective ways to prevent excessive sweating is to use a deodorant, but it isn’t advisable to use it for your private parts because you’ll feel an irritating and burning sensation if it comes into contact with the mucus inside your vagina and vaginal lips. Another way to prevent excessive sweating of these parts of your body is to wear clothes made of natural material (flax, cotton and viscose). It’s also advisable that you don’t drink a lot of alcohol and caffeine and that you reduce the intake of sugar to the minimum. If you tried all the above-described tips to eliminate your unpleasant smell and you still have it, don’t hesitate and see your gynecologist.
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