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Misc/Others Famous Sammbyboy Down


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The famous sammyboy forum down again. Urging all advertiser to come in here as Laksa is for user friendly as well as will not alway down.

One month down don't know how many times. Advert fee keep increase and mention due to high cost but pay so much the server alway down how to said.

I urge all advertiser to switch to Laksa.


The old Laksaboy was shut down years ago, and I had no idea that like the phoenix, the forum has been resurrected. But someone from SBF incidentally told me. One more reason for both sites to co-exist.

In some ways, I find the new Laksaboy even better than SBF. For instance, I don't see differentiated membership, and everyone is given access to view posted pics and videos. Pity that I think too few people know about this forum's existence.

I would like to commend whoever's responsible for having a well-organised and easy-to-navigate site.

At the moment I am a fan of both sites. But I am distinctly slightly more in favour of the new Laksaboy. May you grow from strength to strength!