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Article Divine Sex Make Your Partner Beg for More!



Divine sex move #1 - Pluck the string
Technically speaking, this “string” (the frenulum) is a spot where the skin is attached. Men have one on the head of the penis and women on top of the vulva. You will pleasure a woman most with the lower side of the tongue (it is much smoother) on this spot and with quick movements to the left and right. Your tongue should be curved so that it gets close to the upper lip. With upward movements use the upper side of the tongue and with downward movements use the bottom side of the tongue.

Divine sex move #2 - The alphabet
This technique is supposedly famous because of the deceased ‘indecent’ comedian Sam Kinison. When you want to change the movement of the tongue, write the letters of the alphabet with it. To make it even more interesting, increase the size of the letters or ‘write’ in italics.

Divine sex move #3 - Sucking
Most women really enjoy sucking. Ask her to suck your finger and show you what kind of sucking she likes.

Divine sex move #4 - Diamond top
Suck the top of the clitoris and stimulate it with the tip of your tongue, while you use your mouth to create suction pressure.

Divine sex move #5 - Picasso
Use your tongue to show how you move across her entire body, starting with the clitoris. If you kiss her afterwards, you can show her what she tastes like.

Divine sex move #6 - Enjoy it!
Show your partner how much you enjoy it? No move is better than pure ecstasy of the partner!