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Article A Tip on How to Get a Harder Erection



Learn a simple trick which will make your orgasm stronger and your penis harder.

We have already discussed how a woman can strengthen her vaginal muscles and create the feeling of a tighter vagina. This time we will talk about the hardness of the male sexual organ. We will teach you a simple trick with a kitchen rag or a towel to make your erection harder. The tip is especially useful for older men who have problems with erection.

Your assignment is to strengthen the pubocoxigeal muscle. Don't fear, the procedure is nowhere nearly as difficult as it may sound. You have to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. The exercise is easiest when performed in the shower.

Hang a rag or a towel across your hard member. Put weight on your penis, just like you work out with weights in the gym. Then try moving your manhood up and down. When you're good at it, put a wet towel on your phallus so that the weight is greater. Repeat the exercise 2 to 3 times a day for 2 to 3 minutes.

The beneficial effect of this exercise on the intensity of the orgasm and a stronger pubocoxigeal muscle is scientifically proven, so rest assured that we aren't blowing hot air. Many men do this exercise to get harder erections when they grow older, but it's better to take preventive measures. So, why not start today, regardless of your age? If you're still in doubt, ask yourself what is an orgasmic pulsation and you'll find the answer hidden in our tip – the contraction of muscles. Even though your sweetheart may complain at first about all the rags and towels you have to wash, the hardness of your erection will quickly shut her up.