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Newbie here. Was scammed recently, wanted bros help


Reached out to a girl, manager asked for payment ahead of time as deposit, I got scam for a bit, but refused after a certain amount. This was followed by a message threatening me with a beating and with my phone number saved saying it will be used to track me even overseas. Can bros advise how to handle? I never met the girl and money i was stupid to lose so don't care but how should i handle the threat? Is it real threat?


Staff member
Best advice that I can give to you is never transfer deposit upfront, any decent OKT will allow you to pay cash when meeting the girl.
The threatening part, feel free to ignore them, nothing will happen. They are lucky you don't report them for scamming you to the authorities.

Any if this scam happen within our forums, do send me a DM with proof and I will deal with it.

Stay safe while having fun!