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Money Talks Podcast: Choosing the best bank for you


Picking the right bank isn’t as straightforward these days. Beyond finding a reputable name to park your savings in, banks are also aggressively wooing customers with investment products, higher interest rates and customised financial planning.

Prashant Aggarwal, CEO of the MoneyHero Group, guides Andrea Heng on how to choose the right bank for your needs.

Personally for me, I'm very passionate about maximising my returns. Now, because there are so many options available, there are such great deals, you can split your money into multiple bank accounts and maximise your returns.

A selection of Singapore bank notes. (Photo: iStock)

Jump to these key moments:

  • 00:42 Sharing of data, retrenchment at Lazada
  • 04:56 Different types of saving accounts
  • 12:40 What to know when opening a bank account
  • 22:55 Importance of a bank’s reputation

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