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Gambir Sarawak - A Natural Way To Delay For Those With PE


Gambir Sarawak is a product from sarawak in east Malaysia that has been used for generations. The liquid comes from the twigs/leaves of the gambir plant. The twigs/leaves are grounded and boiled. The liquid is then filtered and drained to produce the high quality Gambir Sarawak product.

The purpose of this product is basically to help the user to last longer in bed. This is a product whereby it is used you will feel that you are able to last longer in bed by when you are in bed with your partner. This product will allow both you and your partner to have a better sexual experience.

Gambir Sarawak will be absorbed by your penis instantly upon application.Gambir Sarawak is famous since ancient times to control premature ejaculation during intercourse. For maximum effect, apply product 1 hour prior to sexual activities. Gambir Sarawak is neither oily nor slimy. It's viscosity is like water and will disappear instantly (being absorbed easily by the penis) as you even it out. Gambir Sarawak is an amazing natural herbal product that is swiftly rising in popularity around the world for Premature Ejaculation Treatment or Cure. This all natural medicinal properties produce an effective, vigorous, long endurance intercourse.

The best thing about gambir sarawak it is made totally organically and thus it has no side effects at all to all its users. Price is S$55/100ml. The price is in singapore dollars and it comes in an 100ml bottle. We can personally guarantee this will be the best experience of your life as we have even used it ourselves.

If you have any questions do email us or leave a post here and i will try to answer them

To order please send an email to [email protected]

Website: http://gambir.byethost22.com or http://gamsar.22web.org


Answered all pms and emails

Price is S$55 for a 100ml bottle of gambir and can be used for about 25 times.
The price is in singapore dollars and also do leave your mobile number so that
i can contact you back as well

If you have any questions do email me or leave a post here and i will try
to answer them

To order please send an email to [email protected]

Please check your spam box as the email sometimes goes there as well


how is it with diabetes patients. As you know those with nerve/vessel damage can be impacted with sudden blood flow. I also want to know where can find more info about this herp. Internet marketed as health herp to reduce pain only


Some nice FRs on gambir sarawak, i place them here so easy viewing, these FRs
were once placed on the old laksaboy site as well as sammyboyforum in the past

You can also search google to see reviews of gambir on other sites as well

SBY1IsTheDevil said:
I used it about 5/6 months back, was recommended by one of the bros

Anyways my take on is its a really good product, when i was with
my gf i was able to last around 30 minutes.

Its quite a good product if you can get hold of it, its one of those
few products that actually works and can help you in then PE department.

TheATeam said:
Here is my FR about the gambir recommended by TS that i promised i
would write after using it yesterday.

I finally got hold of the gambir from http://gambir.byethost22.com yesterday,
here is my take on it.

I used it with the FL on friday evening and for the first time in my adult life i
did not cum early.

Usually without anything i would last less then 5 minutes, but this time i
managed to last close to 35 minutes when i used the gambir from the above.

I also went for a second round with her and this time for the second round, i
also managed to last close to 20 minutes as well.

The FL also did not feel any after taste or knew i was using anything.
Also i can confirm 100% there are no side effects at all, since i have
already used it personally as well.

The seller is also very friendly and easy going, won't mind you asking many
questions if you have alot of questions to ask (like me ).

Overall a great product for those that have an issue with PE

Cuban12 said:
Also bought the gambir from http://gambir.byethost22.com

Anyways i used it with my FB yesterday and i can really say its truely a
remarkable product.

All in all i managed to last close to 30 mins with my FB. I really enjoyed myself

One thing i can also atest to is that there is totally no side effects
and when i used it my FB did not feel anything when she have me a bbbj,
which is a major plus point for me.

In ending, its a remarkable product that made me very happy

SamKings said:
Have been seeing alot of guys here recommending the gambir from
http://gambir.byethost22.com so i decided to give it a try.

Anyways i used it with my wife and i have managed to last considerably longer,
i estimated i lasted around 40 mins atleast before shooting.

Was actually concerned because my wife gives me oral sex and i wanted it to
be safe for oral, after using it i can say its very safe for oral sex and has no
side effects at all.

Really a good product and a must try if you want last longer in bed,

PsyGangnamStyle said:
Had an appointment with an FL on thrusday and used the gambir as well,
here is my review on it.

I used it with the FL and was really amazed that for first shot i was able to
last about 40 minutes, i was really having fun with the FL without worry of
cumming early.

For the second shot i also managed to last estimated about 30 minutes as

When the session was done the FL was actually given a complete work out
by me, if you know what i mean ;)

All i have to say is that the gambir product was really remarkable and i had
one of the best sex sessions because of it, two thumbs up

TheGayMafia said:
Got hold of the gambir from http://gambir.byethost22.com last week.

Used it with my gf over the weekend and really feel amazed with it.

For the first shot i was able to last estimated about 35 minutes. For the
second shot also was around that region which was 30 minutes.

For me usually i could not last more than 5 minutes without using anything so
this was a surprise for me to last atleast 30 minutes

One thing i was concerned about was would my gf know i was using anything
during oral sex, but she did not feel or taste anything at all.

In all a good product that will help you last longer