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Digital licences to be launched for taxi, bus, private-hire drivers


SINGAPORE: Digital vocational licences for drivers of taxis, buses, private-hire vehicles and omnibuses will be launched on Apr 1, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said on Friday (Mar 31).

Vocational licences for bus attendants are also set to go digital.

Launched by LTA in collaboration with the Government Technology Agency, the digital vocational licences will be the official identification for holders of these licences.

The digital licences will be available automatically on the Singpass app from Saturday and can be accessed in the app's "My Cards" section alongside digital identification cards and drivers licences, LTA said in a news release.


How to access digital vocational licences on the Singpass app. (Infographic: Land Transport Authority)

The authority said that the introduction of the digital licences is part of the government's efforts to digitalise more of its services to provide greater convenience to members of the public.

"With the launch, it will be made complimentary to vocational licence holders. They will no longer need to worry about replacing lost or damaged physical cards as they can easily access it through the Singpass app," LTA said.

"The digitalised vocational licences will also be accepted as identification for entry into places such as Jurong Island or restricted areas in Changi Airport, as well as petrol stations which offer loyalty programmes for vocational licence holders."

The non-refundable application fee for a vocational licence will remain unchanged at S$40 (US$30.10).

Those who pass their vocational licence tests can expect to have their licences available on the Singpass app within 20 working days.

"In the meantime, drivers may continue to provide commuter services as a vocational driver using their temporary vocational licence issued to them when they pass their vocational licence tests," LTA said.



With the digitalisation of the vocational licences, LTA will no longer issue physical vocational licences from Apr 1, 2023.

"Drivers who still wish to obtain a physical vocational licence may apply for one with LTA at a fee of S$21.60," the authority said.

"Existing vocational licence holders can continue to use both their physical vocational licences and their digital vocational licences."

Drivers can apply for physical cards via GoBusiness after their digital licences have been issued on the Singpass app. They can expect to receive their cards within 20 working days.

Ahead of Saturday's launch, LTA advised vocational licence holders to protect their new digital credentials.

"To protect themselves against unauthorised access, vocational licence holders should not capture screenshots of their digital LTA vocational licence or share their Singpass login details with others," the authority said.

"They should also adopt good online safety practices such as setting strong passwords for their devices or only registering their own biometric data for secure access to their devices."

The launch of digital vocational licences comes just over a year after the introduction of digital driving licences.

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