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[28.06.2022] What can you buy with S$0.10 in Singapore? (limited time, limited stock & while stock last only)


Senior Member

Buy anti-sink-splash at S$0.11. And have it delivered to your doorsteps for FREE. Yes, you pay only S$0.11 (or lesser) , nothing more.

Limitation : This one cost S$0.11, but there is a 10% shop voucher to make it to even lesser than S$0.10. To be exact , this is only S$0.09. The product cannot buy once & promotion last only for a few days only (perhaps only for 24 hours from this post). Whole promo last basis.

Lookout in this sub-forum with the same name everyday or every other day, i will be sharing S$0.10 item with you guys.

Call me cheapskate if you want but got cheap & good things who don't want? I am just playing my part to share good deals online in the forum.

Enjoy, for those who enjoy shopping.


Senior Member
I bought this product at $0.11...very worth it & quality is good too.

The same thing can be purchase at those Value shop but at around $2+.


Thanks for sharing.


Senior Member
I bought it too, mine is in Orange.

Currently not many good S$0.10 stuffs to share tho.

When there are good ones...i will put them here to share share, as they are as good as free.