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[11.06.2022] What can you buy with S$0.10 in Singapore? (limited time, limited stock & while stock last only)


Senior Member

Buy a 500ml water at S$0.10 & have it deliver to your door step from Shopee.

Limitation : Each account only can buy 1 piece.

Lookout in this sub-forum with the same name everyday or every other day, i will be sharing S$0.10 item with you guys.

Call me cheapskate if you want but got cheap & good things who don't want? I am just playing my part to share good deals online in the forum.

Enjoy, for those who enjoy shopping.


Senior Member
Hi, bought it at 10 cent without frill & got it delivered to my home within around a week or so.

Thx bro for sharing this good deal.

Bottle not as advertised as it got no wordings like what's on the ad (no MY Bottle wording). But quality is good enough for normal usage.

No leaking no damage. Product cost 10 cent, good enough & 100% value for my money.

Attached photo as proof of purchase.


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