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We Are A Reputable Agency That Provide Live Pictures Taken By Models Themselves

We Strive To Deliver The Most Genuine Experience Ever

Do Not Worry About Shock & Disappointment Upon Seeing Model Anymore As What You See Is What You Get



Name: Aura
Age: 25
Nationality: Thailand
Vital Stats: 34C - 24 - 35

Height: 165CM
Weight: 50KG
Pussy: [SHAVED]

Services Provided:COF, CIM, BBBJ, 69, Frenching, HandJob, FuckJob, CatBath, Showering Together, Painting, Fingering, Thai Massage, Teeruk Experience.

$120 πŸ’• 1 SHOT πŸ’• 45 Minutes

$170 πŸ’• 2 SHOT πŸ’• 90 Minutes

$450 πŸ’• 3 SHOT πŸ’• 8 Hours (Starts 12am Daily)

Please WhatsApp Bro SK at +65 9035 3265 for booking today


Kindly Provide Your LaksaBoyForum Username For A Smoother Booking Experience

Open From 11am to 1am Daily (Booking Starts From 10am Daily)

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Veteran Samster
This FR is base on true encounter. Your encounter may be different from me base on many factors. I hope this fr can give u accurate information and a rough idea of what service is expected and can assist you to make the right choice. If you think that the FR is fake, i urges you not to read it and don’t believe it. Go and read from other. Please do not blame me if you think is not good.

Fuck Report

Read before proceed
-Please take this FR as a pinch of salt after reading it
-Please do not let your kid to try it
-Pls read only when wife or girlfriend is not around
-This FR may have the same format and some content which is similarity to my previous
-All the ratings are base on own preference, criteria and liking. It will varies for other
-All services mention in my FR was being performed to me. It may varies for other
-Please correct me if spot any spelling error.
-All pics and gif use in my FR is for illustration only
-FR may contain mix of language

Scriptwriter: Bro Naka

Stable: TeeRukLover
Click on banner to see aura advertisement in the web:

Please WhatsApp Bro SK at +65 9035 3265 for booking today
Kindly Provide Your SammyBoyForum Username For A Smoother Booking Experience
Open From 11am to 1am Daily (Booking Starts From 10am Daily)

TeeRukLover is an old time stable. There have been around much earlier. There are lot of mix experience with them but this round the arrangement went off smoothly. Their method has alway been the same and alway being professional. No switch and bait of ladies or any last minute cancel or any pattern fro OKT. Alway making me feel at ease engaging making arrangement with them and engaging their service.

Actress: Aura
I understand that she is from Saraburi province and this is her first trip to SG working for this stable. Not sure of her work back home but she mentioned that she had travelled to Taiwan before and she can only understand and talk simple chinese and english.


Look: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
She has nice sexy long hair. She look much better in real person compare to those pic in the ads. The type that you see long will not get boring type and sure the type you will not reject. She give slutty, CFM and those clubbing wild ah Lian look.

Body: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
She have rather beach tanned skin. A tattoo at the right back area and i did not spot any or scar of mark on her body. She was rather petite to me and her body figure was voluptuous with a slim tight waist, a perky hot ass that is very tempting for doggie and a very big man made boobs. It has good feel and was nice to suck, grope and feel.

Foreplay: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
She clean my cock thoroughly during the shower and there were lot of touchy touchy and rubba rubba action while she clean me from head to toe. Action start after shower as she lie side by side with me. We hug each other and tcss abit then i initiate to start to kiss her. No bad smoking smell or breath. Our frenching was like a native french speaker. It was totally non stop DFK throughout the session. Our frenching movements went in sync in moments and it just gets more intense. The frenching alone got me so horny.She then rubbed my cock against her big neh neh for a while before giving me a BBBJ.


I slowly arouse her by smooching her nose, eye and down to her navel and to her pussy. Pussy was clean but it was not shaven nor trimmed but just some hair on it.The type you paint or lick, you will not get lost. I start with gentle teasing of her clit, it was already showing sign of getting wet.After a few more minutes of licking and painting her thick labia, she get engorge and her clit grown thicker and swollen. I sped up with a zip zag motion and she suddenly started wreathing, swaying and vibrating her hips up and down, gripping the bed sheet and head tightly. I can feel her breathing heavily and letting out soft moaning of "Oi Oi OOii"s . Her. pussy was dripping and juice started oozing out and ended with a sudden "OOOIIIiii..." I felt she cummed. Her abalone and juice was delicious with no smell at all.


She gave a few more kisses around my cock as said it was big and she love it before going to the tip. Placing a final kiss on the head of my dick before engulfing the whole cock into her mouth. Slowly she will lick and suck my shaft then go on to my ball . She slowly lick the both side of my ball, lick the ball and my shaft while occasionally giving me the seducing look. After that she she move on to the dick head, she lick it with small flick with the tip of her tongue. The suction was firm and lasting. Lastly, i hold on to her head and then i thrust my cock deep into her mouth to gave her a mouthfuck. I gave her a very fast and aggressive super deep throat without stopping and she just obligned and follow it. It was really deep as i can feel her tougues swirling inside and almost choking her.

Love Making: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
The love making was awesome. No need KY as she was already damn wet after my painting and damn horny and wild too. As I was putting on the condom, she propped and spreaded her legs wide automatically. French her and I went in and thrust her in missionary gao gao, deep deep, hard hard. At first she said too big maybe because of my wide girth then i went in slow pump first and then she starts breathing heavily. I control my speed then I gave her a deep and fast vibrating thrust with different variation of speed that was fast and furiously for about 10 mins. She let our loud moaning and whining β€œah ah ah ah ah”. It was loud that i have to cover her mouth to muffle the moan as i worried next door may hear it. The coordination was good as her body was twitching. The scene was nice and her expression was like being laid.

We switch to the final doggie position then motioned her to come to the edge of the bed. Grabbed her waist and I adjust my speed and penetrate her in a full trotting speed. She kiap her thigh area to give a firm grip and i could hear her moaning become louder and louder and the sound effect of β€œpiak piak piak” make the whole process to be more kinky, wilder and exciting. She turn around and give me the CFM agony face. I give my last burst of deep thrusting. I can really feel her whole pussy tighten and hold my dick inside pounding into her as her pussy muscle clamp into my dick. Both of us have climax and we cum together with her screaming and her slim legs shaking, spewing a week long worth of armies into the condom inside her. I collapse on top of her and was sweating furiously. I could see hot juice still oozing out from her pussy. She help me to remove my three quarter full condom. She said wow you cum so many. I told her you too and the bedsheet full of your cum stain. We rest a while as she lie beside me and hugging me and we have a short few minute rest before going for shower.

Attitude: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
The atmosphere was great with some nice and Thai song. Her attitude was good. No rushing and will go all the way to please you and she will willing to learn and was patient. She was hardworking and will put in effort in her job. The GFE was high as I feel comfortable and lot of connection,hugging, cuddling and pampering from her taking care of me like her lover or husband. Totally non-commercial feel.

Overall: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
I enjoy the session. Service was good and really money and time worth spending on it. I am planning for an RTF soon. Those who fancy bonking a busty tanned lady, she is the one.

Please treat her nicely, gently and take good care of her.
Hope my experience will give u guy a much more detail information on the service that you can expect.

Thanks you for your time and patient for reading my FR.

FR copyrightΒ© bro naka