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Search results

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    Thai Halem Massage Parlor & Bath Turkish House

    Hmm...place looks on the vintage side.
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    Viet/Myanmar/Cambodia QUEEN BEE MASSAGE (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)

    Place is actually not. Just that it is not easy to find, even with a taxi.
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    Viet/Myanmar/Cambodia Lavender Spa

    24 hour shop. surely would not have no place to go to any time of the day.
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    Thai Badabing GO-GO BAR

    I think no one will hate this place.
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    Thai The Green Mango Club

    Thanks for sharing. Looks like not bad.
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    Thai After You Dessert Café

    Nice place for the day time.
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    Malaysia [Malaysia] Vita Spa

    Worth to go to. Thanks for sharing!
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    Viet/Myanmar/Cambodia Tokyo Massage - Ho Chi Minh City

    This is very popular place in vietnam.
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    China The Sanctuary (Jianguo Lu)

    Looks good.
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    China Xiao Nanguo Tang Heyuan - 小南国汤河源 (日式温泉)

    Thanks for sharing! Seems like not bad.
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    Viet/Myanmar/Cambodia Beauty Salon - Le Duyen 4

    Very beautiful group of hair dresser. Looks pro too.
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    Indo Illigals Hotel and Club (reopen as 108 The New Atmosphere), Jakarta

    This place was shut down by the authority some time ago. Don't it'll be as fun as before.
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    Philippines/Laos/Brunei Osmosis Massage Spa

    Seems a bit of a higher class type. Thanks for sharing it.
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    Thai Billboard Bangkok Go-Go Bar - Nana Plaza

    Looks like a nice place. Thanks for sharing!
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    Viet/Myanmar/Cambodia Red Dao Spa (Vietnam)

    Looks so nice inside. Thanks for sharing.
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    Viet/Myanmar/Cambodia Su Spa & Massage Nha Trang

    This place looks...totally classy!
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    Philippines/Laos/Brunei Li'l Village Spa

    This one looks classy. May be an expensive place.
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    Viet/Myanmar/Cambodia Spa Viên Dông

    Looks like a nice cozy place. Thanks for the info.
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    China Dragonfly (Xinle Lu) - Shanghai

    Looks very high class. When it is high class, it could mean higher than usual pricing.